Protection Dogs on Demand


Our common love and passion for dogs inspired us to create a team of professional dog trainers. Our goal is to provide our clients a balanced dog who can keep them safe from any possible danger. More specifically our dogs learn how to love and protect their family, while being well-behaved and social. 

We work our best to ensure that each and every one of our dogs will find a family that suites their personality best and will love them as much as we do. 

Are you up for the challenge?


love for dogs

Our work is based on true love, care and respect for dogs. Our dogs come from award winners bloodlines of the World Champion (IGP).


We treat every client as a unique individual with complete respect to their needs. Your bond with your dog is extremely important to us. As a result, you can rely on us to provide you with all of the services you require in the long run.

Safety first

Our biggest concern is to ensure the safety of our dogs, clients and staff. Our dogs grow up in a family environment, next to babies and older children as well as close to other animals (cats, horses, dogs).

Personalized training

Every dog is given personalized training based on its own character and skills, as well as the family needs.

training process

Our dogs under their training process, are socialized in different environments such as kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, sports facilities, and hotels.

Balanced Dog Training

We train dogs who can take advantage of every aspect of their personality and can balance love and protection insticts., learning how to have the on/off switch behavior.

Our Values

Excellence at what we do.

In everything we do, we strive for perfection. We are always looking for new and more effective ways to make our trainings easier for our dogs. To improve our training procedures, we are continually on the hunt for seminars to reskill our trainers.

Protection Dogs on Demand

Our Purpose

Protection dogs are the most reliable friends one can have for the rest of one’s life. Growing up and respecting a dog’s individuality, as well as embracing and recognizing its unique qualities, is a process that takes love, effort, patience, and, of course, know-how to develop a dog that can be a lovely pet and when needed an effective protector.

k9 - german shepherd

Our Dogs

Our dogs come from award winner bloodlines of the World Champion (FCI- IGP). Given that, our dogs acquire invaluable potential and possibilities and have a balanced nervous system, staying reassured that all of dogs meet the requirements to be both a super lovely pets and a disciplined and strong protectors.

Iva - german shepherd

Service & Support

Applies to dog owners that reside in Greece:

  • Dog keeping services in our premises
  • Visits to your premises upon request if needed, in case you are dealing with any new challenge or wishing to further add new skills to your dog.

Applies to dog owners that reside in Europe/ USA:

Purchase Package:

  • Two-way ticket (from Europe/USA to Athens, Greece | from Athens, Greece to Europe/USA) to land your dream protection dog.
  • 10 days accommodation in Athens.
  • One of our partners will pick you up from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and accompany you to our facilities to pay your first visit to your new dog.
  • For that period of time you stay in Athens, you are expected to work daily with your dog to our premises under the guidance of our trainers. Moreover, you will have the chance to spend the whole day with him/her at your place.
  • After your departure from Greece, stay reassured that our qualified trainers can visit your premises upon request if needed, in case you are dealing with any new challenge or wishing to further add new skills to your dog.

*Further details and information are available upon request.

k9 - german shepherd